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Short Phonetic (pink) Series


This series is defined as "short phonetic" because words are three letters or less.  The focus is short vowel sounds, e.g., bat, hen, lid, dog, and cup.  A broad range of beginning and ending sounds is emphasized.

The photo represents the 5 essential exercises displayed in wooden containers; vowels are mixed, but may be separated with additional containers. 
Common Core State Standard:  L.K.2;   RF.K.1b

201-1.    25 Objects: For use with the movable alphabet

201-2.    25 Pictures with 25 Rotational Labels*:  For writing with the movable alphabet

201-3.    25 Objects & Corresponding Labels:  For reading within a prepared context

201-4.    25 Pictures & Corresponding Labels: For reading within a prepared context

201-5.    16 Secret Words (noun labels): For reading; no context clues

*Rotational labels are included with the 25 short phonetic pictures designed for use with the movable alphabet, providing a total of 50 labels.  Use of the labels may vary.  They provide additional practice associating picture and label, the second level of early childhood decoding acquisition.  Teachers may incorporate a variety of opportunities.  Using the prepared labels to affirm their work, some children will enjoy building the short phonetic words with the movable alphabet.  Children may also invent their own lists of three letter, short phonetic words, perhaps discovering "alphabetical order" as they arrange the labels.  What an empowering discovery when this happens!

*Note: objects may vary from pictures based on suppler availability.


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