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Our Mission and Our Products

Assisting young learners in becoming competent students remains our guiding objective. ES&I maintains the highest quality Montessori language arts products, satisfying our goal to provide young learners with maximum quality and comprehensive Montessori materials. Thus, our mission: to provide exemplary Montessori language arts skill building materials designed for optimum development of children 2-1/2 through the lower elementary years.

The ES&I curriculum begins with inviting Conversational Scenes preparing the child for the Four Essential Phonetic components; Short Phonetic (pink), Longer Phonetic (blue), and specifically color-coded, Early Childhood & Elementary phonograms, Spelling, and Creative Writing. ES&I objects are carefully selected for precision and aesthetics, and beautifully displayed in locally constructed, wooden containers, stored in beautiful cabinets.

Our comprehensive Language Arts Resource Book includes detailed lesson plans, accurate photos and appealing variations and extensions. We also have, a descriptive Educational Teacher/Parent DVD.  

 Our materials have been carefully designed and are available in sets to outfit entire classrooms.