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Consulting Services

We are delighted to offer a variety of consulting services including staff training and in-service, Montessori mentor-ship (for the new teacher who might need a bit extra support) and parent classes.  Please contact us directly so that we can discuss options and prepare a quote.

Positive Discipline for Teachers 

Positive Discipline for Teachers

Teachers will enjoy an opportunity to work with their team to practice some key activities that help re-frame or reset our mindset as we deal with our interactions with our students. 

Positive Discipline for Parents

LIVE: Gather a group of parents for a FREE 2 hour overview of Positive Discipline parenting.  Options available for 6-8 week course at your school with minimum enrollment.

ONLINE: Join our online community for regular engagement.  Details coming soon.


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About your Facilitator 

With over 30 years of work in the Montessori field (teacher, teacher educator, toilet scrubber and mentor), and 20 years parenting her own children, Kristen is armed with a lifetime of experience to share with and draw from.  She will guide participants through series of exercises, activities and content that can immediately be applied to daily life with children.  Kristen delivers workshops in a calm and gentle manner, empowering participants to re-frame or refresh their mindset as they continue along their journey with their children.  She is passionate about maintaining a judgement-free environment and is right there with you sharing her own growth and parenting journey.