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Phonogram Stories

Phonogram Stories


A great way to move your students into book making!  Each story has an isolated, single-difficulty phonogram.  The stories are not illustrated so the children may show comprehension with their very own illustrations.

This set of stories provides a stimulating challenge for decoding phonogram constructed words and recognizing phonogram sound patterns. On the back cover of the last 10 booklets are "Creative Writing Commands"  that stimulate the minds of young writers. 

28 Booklets:

a family:  (green)  ai, ay, a_e , eigh               

e family:  (orange)  ea, ee, ey, y

i family:  (yellow)  ie, i_e, y, igh

o family:  (pink)  oa, oe, ow, o_e, o   

u family:  (gray)  u_e   

er family: (turquoise)  er, ir, ur     

8 Non-Family Phonograms:  (red) sh, ch, th, wh, qu, ar, or


Pictured with display container 600E.  Save on the price of the container by bundling it with the books.  Limited to stock on hand. 

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