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Elementary Phonogram Series

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This series builds on the exercises begun in the Early Childhood series.  It contains 59 color-coded phonogram booklets with over 260 objects, dictation and advanced charts for spelling, phonogram stories for creative writing and recording booklet.

The ES&I Elementary Series overlaps and builds on a combination of writing & reading exercises begun in the Early Childhood Series. It contains over 260 realistic objects for encoding with the advanced moveable alphabet and 59 color-coded phonograms for decoding. The combination of writing & reading exercises leads naturally to a study of spelling, which includes 59 dictation charts and 15 advanced dictation charts. The phonogram short stories are a concrete example of creative writing and provide a model as the children illustrate the stories with 1 or more pages, thus creating their first "books". They are encouraged to use the objects, booklets and 3 part cards to find words to create their own stories.

1)   Isolation of a Single Phonogram:  15 sets of 3-part cards, color-coded  (#411)

          4 Long Vowel Families - ai, ea, i_e, ow (snow)

          3 Phonogram Families - oo (moon), er, ow (cow)

          8 Non-Family Phonograms - sh, ch, th, wh, qu, ar, or, oo (wood)

2) Isolation of a Single Phonogram for Writing: :  260+ Objects for encoding with the Advanced Moveable Alphabets.  This activity is very attractive to the children, especially valuable for variations and extensions sited in the Resource Book. item #700.

   Isolation of a Single Phonogram for Reading:  59 Phonogram Booklets (phonogram is printed in red, rest of the letters are printed in green)

5 Long Vowel Families:                                  4 Soft “C” & “G” Families:

a family:  (green)  ai, ay, a_e, eigh                    ce / ci family - (pastel blue)

e family:  (orange)  ea, ee, ey, y                        ge / gi family

i family:  (yellow)  ie,i_e, igh, y                          dge family

o family:  (pink)  oa, oe, ow, o_e, o                    ice family

u family:  (gray)  u_e                           

6  Phonogram Families                                             5 Silent Letter Families:

oo (moon) family:(dk blue)  oo, ew, ue                             b, k, p, t, w - (lavender)

er family: (turquoise)  er, ir, ur                          

ow (cow) family: (purple)  ow, ou

aw family: (lime)  aw, au, al, all, augh, ough

oi family: (brown)  oi, oy

 air family:  (violet)  air, ear (bear)

14 Non-Family Phonograms:  (red) sh, ch, th, wh, qu, ar, or, oo (wood), ph, ck, ng, le, tion, ea (head)

3)  59 Dictation Charts- spelling lists emphasizing a single isolated phonogram (one list for each of the 59 phonogram booklets, #3)

4)  15 Advanced Dictation Charts -  spelling lists which combine phonograms, ie, the "long a" includes ai, ay, a_e, eigh (see families included above in #3) 

5)  Phonogram Short Stories:  28 phonogram stories with a single difficulty that are not illustrated so child may show comprehension with their very own illustrations; includes all the long vowels, er, ir, ur, sh, ch, th, wh, qu, ar, or   (#413)


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