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Early Childhood Phonogram Series


A durable, complete phonogram set; includes 3-part cards, realistic and beautiful objects, booklets, word lists and phonogram stories.  Included are optional container and cabinets to equip your phonogram area.

The Early Childhood Phonograms may be introduced using sandpaper phonograms and three part cards. Following are sequential activities which isolate specific phonograms used for writing & reading.  ES&I's realistic and durable 165 objects are used for encoding with the advanced moveable alphabet. Then the 30 phonogram booklets (see item #3 below for entire listing) may be decoded with variations and extensions added according to the child's interest. Matching word lists and phonogram short stories provide additional study of each phonogram. The phonogram short stories are a concrete example of creative writing and provide a model as the children illustrate the stories with 1 or more pages, thus creating their first "books".  They are encouraged to use the objects, booklets and 3 part cards to select words to create their own stories.

 * Detailed description of Exercises  #1-6:

     1)   Isolation of a Single Phonogram:  15 sets of 3-part cards, color-coded  (#411)

          4 Long Vowel Families - ai, ea, i_e, ow (snow)

          3 Phonogram Families - oo (moon), er, ow (cow)

          8 Non-Family Phonograms - sh, ch, th, wh, qu, ar, or, oo (wood)

 2)   Isolation of a Single Phonogram for Writing:  over 170 durable and realistic Objects for encoding with the Advanced Moveable Alphabets (5 - 8 objects for each phonogram).  This activity is very attractive to the children, thus the objects are a central focus of the series, especially valuable for variations and extensions sited in the Resource Book,item #700.

3)     Isolation of a Single Phonogram for Reading:  30 Phonogram Booklets (phonogram is printed in red, rest of the letters are printed in green)

      5 Long Vowel Families:                                            3 Phonogram Families: 

a family:  (green)  ai, ay, a_e, (#404)                    oo (moon) family(dk blue)  oo, ew, ue  (#416)

e family:  (orange)  ea, ee, ey (#405)                    er family:  (turquoise)  er, ir, ur  (#418)

i family:  (yellow)  ie,i_e  (#406)                             ow (cow) family: (purple)  ow, ou   (#417)

o family:  (pink)  oa, oe, ow, o_e, o  (#407)

u family:  (gray)  u_e  (#408)                                        8 Non-Family Phonograms: (red)

                                                                            sh, ch, th, wh, qu, ar, or, oo (wood)  (#409)

     4)   Word Lists:  single difficulty phonogram  words, 30  lists  (for a list for each of the 30 phonograms booklets,  see#3 above) ( #410)

     5)   Phonogram Stories:  28 phonogram short stories with a single difficulty that are not illustrated so child may show comprehension with their very own illustrations; includes all the long vowels and sh, ch, th, wh, qu, ar, or, ur, er, ir  (#413)

 NOTE: If this is showing OUT OF STOCK, please reach out directly to us.  We MAY have it OR can let you know when it will be available. {LIMITED QUANTITY ON HAND AVAILABLE FOR FALL 2021}

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Regarding containers, cabinets, and fabric pouches: are all available for purchase but will require additional time for shipping as most are custom made to order.  {5/2021~We are currently not taking any orders for containers}

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