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Tunnel of Time book

Tunnel of Time book

Elisa is a normal kid who has two best friends and two younger siblings that annoy her very much, as all siblings do. But when she receives a mysterious box and necklace for her birthday, she wonders if she will ever be able to see her life as normal again. Ava is one of the few best friends that Elisa has. They became friends in first grade and are going to be entering high school in the fall. However, when she gives Elisa a necklace for her friend’s fourteenth birthday, she has no idea of what is in store for her and the rest of the Bishop family. Jacob is Elisa’s only brother who loves to watch soccer and is constantly wishing that he had the courage to do something new. He scoffs at the box and necklace Elisa got for her birthday (which boy would want an antique box that’s about to fall apart or an amethyst necklace?) but has no idea of the power in store for him, his sisters, and all their friends and family. The box and necklace have a certain kind of power: when combined, the user can time travel. But sometimes there are consequences...such as being stuck in the past with no way home...or finding out that you are the heir to the throne of a time-traveling kingdom that you had no idea that existed in the first place.

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