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History of Pink, Blue and Green Series

history montessori language pink blue green series

The following is a reprint of a letter posted September 16, 2011, from Dottie Feldman, one of our co-founders to a customer asking about the history of the pink, blue and green language series.  We hope you find it informative and helpful.

"Dear Ms. Tian, 

Thank you for contacting Educational Sounds & Images.  You have asked one of my most favorite questions, and  I am pleased to respond.  I am a long time Montessorian whose major interest, almost from the beginning, has been language arts.  In fact, I am a "product" of the "pink, blue, and green series".  So thanks for asking!           

The language arts sequence is founded on principles of the pink, blue and green series.  They have been a part of my Montessori blood stream since the beginning of my Montessori journey.  Educational Sounds & Images recognizes the value of those principles and practices that serve the foundation of children's acquisition of the English language, emphasizing short phonetic English words, with an emphasis on short vowels, and short in length, fundamentally, 3 letters, bat, hen, lid, wok, bus, the content of  the pink series.   The longer phonetic series characterized by four or more letters, with a continuing emphasis on short vowels, flag, tent, crib, pots, drum.  

Each of these series follows the Montessori principle of the least to the greater difficulty.  From the standpoint of word construction the traditional green series is referred in the ES&I series as the "phonogram series", that follows the logical progression presented by Sion Hill in Dublin, Ireland, and from my point of view, a very intelligent application of what Montessori described as the green series.  Given the extent of phonograms in English, Educational Sounds & Images simply refers to them as the phonogram series.  

I hope this brief description of the ES&I Montessori Language Arts series, often referred to as the pink, blue and green series, answers your very timely question.  If you have further questions, and for a detailed description of our full product line, please visit our website where you will see actual representations of our product line.

Dottie S. Feldman"

Until next time,


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